Thank you for choosing to become one of our fem-power sponsors

Our mission at Virtueconomy to is to change the way we invest in nonprofits, and the way they invest in themselves and their growth, from the inside out. Therefore, rather than giving directly to the cause, this payment is instead going towards the making and marketing of our #WhenSheThrives campaign, to multiply the ROI of every $. This is crucial, like putting on your own oxygen mask, before helping others.  

Thanks to business visionaries and philanthropic trailblazers like you, across a diverse cross-section of industries, we are together igniting a nonprofit revolution; revealing the importance of investing in fem-power and in nonprofits, for the good of us all.

Thank you for the invaluable role you are playing.

With Virtue,

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Keith Friedlander
Virtueconomy founder & CEO

How to MAKE YOUR $180 Micro-Sponsorship:

1. Credit Card (via Paypal)

2. Check 

Mail Check to:

Virtue Reality, Inc.
244 Fifth Avenue, Ste V283
New York, NY 10001

Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us: hello@virtueconomy.co