Zsuzsanna Gedeon

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A long ways from her lawyer days in her native Hungary, Zsuzsi is now the ruthless operations commander of the growing Virtueconomy army. There are many that try to game the system. Zsuzsi on the other hand, tries to system the game! She unapologetically geeks out over systems, processes and management, and is also pretty partial to old-school video games (she claims to be a Super Nintendo Donkey Kong champion).

Zsuzsi has always loved (over)analyzing people's contexts and understanding what motivates them, how they think, and why. But Zsuzsi credits her NYU Law-Fulbright experience for truly revealing to her the incredible power of diversity. Unite open-minded people from different nationalities, cultures and disciplines, foster their own unique experiences, perspectives and skills, and with that you'll create a new strand of innovation and positive change.

Zsuzsi is very details-oriented, spurred by logic, grounded in principle, and always committed to infusing fun into everything she does. Fortunately for the good of us all, she is currently laser-focused on driving systemic change in the nonprofit world

Keith Friedlander

Keith Friedlander

Keith was born in the savannahs of South Africa, matured on the beaches of Sydney, Australia, and is now on a mission to change the way we change the world from within the urban jungle of New York City.

Keith has always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. What began as a childhood love for chess, turned into 3 degrees in college. Keith then evolved from student to teacher, and has been making math nerds out of young minds since 2004. His obsession for sports turned in to an 8 year career of playing rugby at a high level, before transitioning from player to coach.

His passions for education, sports and helping others intersected in 2015, when he designed a sports trivia app, Trivia College, that connected sports fans with the off-field causes of their heroes. With this taste, he was addicted to the world of social entrepreneurship.

Keith was that annoying kid driving teachers crazy asking ‘why’. He's still asking why when it comes to the existing gaps in social change and so he imagined the solution in Virtueconomy.

Working out of The Women's Lab within the Centre for Social Innovation NYC, Virtueconomy is on a mission to help lift nonprofits out of survival mode by investing in their innovation & growth using good business and great talent. 

The Virtueconomy model serves several stakeholders including consumers, businesses and nonprofits. But the engine that powers the entire ecosystem is an exclusive creative community called 'The Highv'. This talented workforce is our meta team.  

We will soon be opening our doors to the greater creative community with the opportunity to earn their spot in The Highv. Stay tuned!

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The Highv is the CREATIVE community sparking A revolution of the nonprofit world

It makes frustratingly little sense that the organizations committed to doing the most good are so often deprived of the best talent. Sadly, limited resources and the 'Overhead Myth' leave many nonprofits fighting for survival rather than being able to invest in growing their cause and impact. Virtueconomy and the Highv are changing that in a big way!

The Virtueconomy model invests in the nonprofit sector through leg-ups rather than handouts. The Highv are the talented folks providing those leg-ups!

The Highv is an exclusive workforce of creatives, managers & advisors that power the Virtueconomy. Using proceeds from Virtue Collective sales, Highv members are hired to develop and execute solutions that help nonprofits grow and sustain their impact. They also receive job opportunities from the socially conscious for-profit businesses within the Virtueconomy ecosystem.


create virtue

Craft-driven creatives CRAVING meaningful hands-on work

Creatives... You know who you are!

Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Videographers, Business Developers, Web Developers, Marketers, Copywriters, Storytellers, etc. We welcome freelancers and creative agencies/studios alike.


planning and operations game strong with a love for managing people and executing around a shared purpose

Natural leader and great communicator who loves to manage the full delivery of a project, from planning through execution.

Project Managers, Operations


wealth of wisdom and experience to share

Low on time, high on value-add.  Affinity for strategy, education and the development of others

Advisor, Mentor, Strategy Consultant



More details on The Highv available VERY soon!

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