The Highv, in partnership with Virtueconomy and The Women’s Lab @ the Centre for Social Innovation present:

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Women's work, voices and causes have been undervalued for far too long. It's time they receive the acclaim they so richly deserve. This creative challenge is the opportunity for you to channel your wordsmithery, artistry and imaginative genius in honor and celebration of the strong, empowered and kickass women of this world! #femovation

Femovation Inspiration:


Some terms to get your motor running

This challenge calls on you to create 'In Honor of Women'. Whatever that means to you. This can be a celebration of women as a whole, or it can be a tribute to specific women who may have had an exceptional impact on your life (mothers, wives, daughters, sisters etc). Or both. Or neither. You have complete creative liberty to pay homage to the women of this/your world. 

Ovations can be in the form of any medium. But given that the best submissions are going to be combined into an awesome mural on the Women's Lab walls... we recommend you submit something that can be translated into an artwork  (ie we're not quite at painting video or audio on walls... yet). 



The Women's Lab is also subscribing to the development of a wall. But our wall is going to unite, empower and inspire

women's lab wall
  • The best #femovation submissions will be immortalized on the wall of The Women’s Lab, within the Centre for Social Innovation. Herein work gamechanging social enterprises and worldchanging nonprofits that directly benefit women and girls.
  • Submissions will be evaluated by the founders from the Women's Lab Community, on their ability to captivate, inspire, empower and/or wow. 
  • 10 finalists will be chosen
  • These submissions will then be artfully combined into a femovation mural on this big and bare white wall within the Women’s Lab. 
  • We will also be publishing the best submissions in our online publication, Virtueconomy email newsletter, through our respective social channels, and across the communications of Virtueconomy partners. At a minimum! There is already interest from local media to do a story on this awesome cause and initiative. Become a part of herstory. #Fempower the world

THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING: We are unfortunately no longer accepting official submissions for this challenge, but please still subscribe below to be kept updated about future challenges and creative opportunities. Plus we'll keep you in the know about FemOvation wall progress! You may not be able to get over it... #WallPuns.


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3. Create

Do your thing. Work your magic. Submit your scribble. Devise your masterpiece. 
As inspiration, here is our very first Femovation submission, from Virtueconomy founder, Keith Friedlander.


4. Submit your OVATION!

Submit one or both of 2 ways:  

Submissions are open up until

11:59pm, Friday March 31, 2017

UPDATE: Submission deadline extended until 11:59pm, Friday April 14, 2017.

We have received numerous requests to extend the submission deadline. At the end of the day, we'd far rather receive quality fempowered pieces to enrich our Women's Lab walls than be slaves to an arbitrary deadline. With that... you now still have time to submit your FemOvations. Keep 'em coming!


But we are always open. For a chat. For a laugh. For a cry. For a visit.


IP Ownership:
What you create belongs to you. However, by entering this challenge with a submission, you acknowledge that you are granting Virtueconomy (and its subsidiaries/publications e.g. The Highv) and the Centre for Social Innovation, a non-exclusive world license (digital and other) to publish and use your submission within any of our communications, which includes, but is not limited to, derivative works and posting your work in the mural painting (if it is selected as such).  We will always credit you as the creator of the piece, in writing. With the possible exception of removing names from any works during the judging process (to avoid bias).

With that said, 
Make sure the work is your own:
By submitting your Ovation, you affirm that you are the original creator of the submitted piece of work. You agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Virtueconomy, Centre for Social Innovation and its related subsidiaries from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, judgments, fines, penalties, liabilities, losses, settlements, taxes, damages, injuries, costs or expenses arising out of copyright infringement.