The Virtue Collective is a line of stunning products sold by businesses powered and owned by women. A nominated percentage from the sale of every Virtue Collective product will be invested into growing small but mighty women-centric nonprofit causes. These causes then focus on impactfully helping other women thrive, because when she thrives, we all do!

This virtuous fem-powered cycle is pivotal to creating the global, sustainable change we need.

Virtueconomy is committed to closing the gender equality gap, and doing so by elevating the tremendous work, voices and causes of women. The Virtue Collective is the opportunity for consumers to quite literally buy into this movement, with their shopping dollars and sense!

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Shop Anjé for timeless pieces of exceptional quality. It's rare to find pieces that can truly go from day to night. It's even more rare to find American-made products that are both this stunning to the eye and comfortable to the touch.

Anjé are proud to invest 10% from the sale of every Virtue Collective product towards the growth and creative development of Kota Alliance, via the Virtueconomy.


"From the moment the team at Virtueconomy introduced me to Kota, I knew I wanted to support them. I loved everything they stood for and I am delighted to now stand beside them and leverage our sales at Anjé to aid pioneers like Kota in this amazing global women empowerment movement"

- Angela Brasington, Founder of Anjé


Shop Hippie Cartel for stunning, spirited and accessible jewelry. Hippie Cartel's rings and necklaces are adored by women who value individuality, sensibility & adventure.

Hippie Cartel generously invests 25% from the sale of every Virtue Collective product towards helping The Kota Alliance innovate and grow, via the Virtueconomy

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Small nonprofits with big fempowered visions

We don't like to call these worldchanging organizations 'nonprofits'. Rather than define them by what they are not, we prefer to focus on what they are!

We call it 'investing' because we believe these funds should yield returns! The very best type of returns though - genuine impact and social change that betters the world for all of us, and our future generations.

Be a part of this Virtue Economy and invest in the growth and development of these Virtue Orgs. and their lifechanging impact, simply by shopping from our Virtue Collective partners.

The Kota Alliance is on a mission to promote, foster and elevate gender equality, women’s empowerment and female entrepreneurship, globally.

The Kota Alliance is a hub, incubator and community for nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and individuals that share the like-minded goal of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Kota not only empowers women through activities and events, they provide real tools and connections to help female social entrepreneurs grow and succeed. They also improve efficiency and effectiveness with fiscal, physical, and programmatic support, as well as fruitful collaboration between partner organizations.

Kota are currently piloting their fempowered incubator model out of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), but their ultimate vision is to build their own World Center for Women in the Big Apple. This works perfectly given that Kota means “core of an apple” in Finnish and “city” in Indonesian.


You Can Thrive! (YCT!) have pioneered a holistic wellness model that provides a game-changing level of support and care for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

YCT! works with the women who need it the most, but can afford it the least. They provide them with the tools, education and resources they need to build long term survivorship plans. Beginning with patient navigation and advocacy to help confront their diagnosis and treatment, to nutritional coaching/counselling, to physical risk reduction and exercise resources, to a network of integrative services (acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, reiki, therapeutic sound, reflexology, aromatherapy, etc), to a vitally important community of fellow thrivers.

Rather than focusing on finding a direct cure or treatment for cancer (which of course is super important), YCT! are maniacally focused on treating and deeply caring for the actual individual humans up against the ruthless disease. Because whether she is a mother, a wife, a sister, a lover, or a best friend... when she thrives, we all do!


Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W) is obsessed with the pivotal intersection of women’s leadership and women’s health and wellbeing.

GW4W are committed to giving ALL women a voice. A voice to create better health and wellbeing for themselves, their businesses and their communities.

Research is needed to better address women's health and wellbeing issues (note that historically, health studies, whether human or animal, have been conducted with male participants). Women have different health risks than men, yet there is very limited funding targeted specifically towards women’s health and wellbeing research. We desperately need this quality research funded AND we need leadership to act on that research. GW4W is successfully tackling both of these challenges. They are both the chicken AND the egg in this virtuous cycle of female empowerment.

Through global events and workshops, GW4W’s community of seasoned leaders and mentors are sharing their incredible success stories and lessons learned, to inspire the next generation of women to step into leadership roles in their businesses and their communities.