I felt gratitude for her confidence, all the more so because we increasingly live in a world where perfection, youth, smoothness is idolized; it's exhausting, and completely silly to be honest. 

Keith Friedlander

The mother had the loveliest truly happy smile I’ve ever witnessed. She glowed for the few minutes of attention I gave her and the delicate nonverbal pleasantries we could exchange.

Keith Friedlander

The narrative of hijab is being misrepresented to the American mainstream, causing negative perceptions and social attitudes towards the women who choose to wear it.

Keith Friedlander

The figure has this peacefulness to her and I wanted to complement that by making the ornaments around her have this organic vine-like shape, to me it has a bit of a mother-earthy vibe

Keith Friedlander

The woman pictured here is a farm hand who bundles bushels all day long with twenty others. I chose this woman as my subject because of her unique beekeeper style hat. 

Keith Friedlander

The focal relationship between mother and daughter, however, is only depicted once. The daughter, Eleanor, is central and real, never diluted in reflection. Her mother, positioned as close to her head as a thought bubble or ghost of conscience, is barely painted, yet ever present.

Keith Friedlander

To you,

Every girl’s homegirl,

Scattered across urban sprawl

Fighting for hers in his world,

You are capable, complete,

Head high with planted feet,

Rebel heart without a leash,

Your own source of all you’ll ever need.

Keith Friedlander

In the revealed, blue distance beyond the world of flowers and clouds is a woman– a very real woman who did much more than bear witness. Artists are funny creatures who like to leave their mark hidden within many other marks. 

Keith Friedlander

Our encounter was quite short, yet very serene and memorable. She ran a tiny kitchen on the side of a dirt road in a tiny town.

Keith Friedlander

You Can't mold this chick I'll never conform
I'm a New York woman From Closing deals by day Drinking the night away

I am A New York woman
Living the sustainable artist way

Keith Friedlander

She was a bit embarrassed by the stares from curious passing pedestrians, but quickly relaxed and owned the fact that she deserved to be in the limelight. By the last shot, it was evident she felt beautiful.

Keith Friedlander

In the distance lies a female figure. Blue like the mountains that ring my actual existence, she reminds me that the Earth is just as alive as what inhabits her fields. All life needs spiritual tending. This is my work as a painter.

Keith Friedlander

She spoke with excitement, her eyes wide, her voice loud enough for the rest of the train to hear; unafraid.

Keith Friedlander